Sunday, August 2, 2009

East West Musical Instruments Company "JANTI" Vintage Leather Jacket

the janti makes it's debut.

i'll admit i've held onto this jacket for awhile. cherished it, really.

one of the rarest east west musical instruments company leather jackets you can imagine.

butter soft deerskin with appliqued leaves and hearts, topped off with hand painted cameos. if you look closely at the paintings you will notice that the leather used as the canvas for the painting is one of the rarest leathers east west used, their seldom seen metallic blue!

a truly inspirational piece that will not easily be found again. click here to go to and find out more.


  1. I can feel your unexpressed pain... I've held on to my east west jacket for a long while. Mine was an amazing Goodwill find that I have decided to sell to fund a trip to Brazil (providing ebay doesn't fail me). I hope it finds a home of someone it'll fit, if I could wear it I don't think I'd ever take it off.

    Sad day :(

  2. Alexandra,

    I hope you are able to fund your trip to Brazil. Which jacket do you have?